Local Restaurants Near Dick & Dolly’s

Dick & Dolly’s is a strong supporter of independent businesses and we urge you to support them during your visit.

These restaurants all have our recommendation and range from casual to the fine dining/supper club category. We also included our favorite butcher (check out their weekly specials and delicious, ready-to-grill-items).

We will continue to add to the list as soon as we can certify new additions deserve the Dick & Dolly’s seal of approval (At least 4 stars out of 5).

Friday night fish fry is a Wisconsin staple. Restaurants can get crowded very early–call ahead to see if they take reservations or else be prepared to have an old fashioned or two while you wait for your table.  

After multiple visits, we are pleased to recommend Shady Sue’s and Fireside as nearby supper clubs where you can enjoy delicious prime rib on Saturday nights. We also like the Friday Fish Fry at both establishments. (Shady Sue’s does not take reservations on Fridays).

For the best article we’ve seen on the Wisconsin supper club experience, check out this article from the Chicago Tribune:
Defining Wisconsin’s Supper Club Culture